Tour two of Burlington’s newest homes

Who wouldn’t want to live in Burlington? Queen City has it all: a vibrant downtown, tree-lined residential streets (at least half a year), waterfront, and close proximity to a major ski resort – not to mention all the restaurants , cinemas, museums and theatres.

So far,  only one appears to be missing in Burlington

Eric Hoekstra, a partner at Redstone Commercial Group, said: “For years, there hasn’t been a single new high-rise in Burlington because the numbers haven’t worked.

However, now when interest rates are low, new housing projects are springing up like mushrooms. More than 900 new rental units have been offered for sale in Burlington in the past seven days, according to estimates by real estate consulting firm Allen & Brooks.

Anyone looking for a modern apartment in Queen City is finally in luck. nest


183 St. Paul Street, Burlington RE/MAX Professional North, 655-9100. 

Just one block from City Hall Park and the Flynn Center for the Performing Arts, with city and lake views from their balconies, the condominiums in the Stratos development are really selling themselves. “This is one of the best locations in Burlington,” said Bill Desautels, project broker and owner of RE/MAX North Professionals.

The sleek and luxurious exterior of the 30,224 square foot building includes 34 apartments ranging in size from 500 to 1,090 square feet. Modern and minimalist aesthetic: white walls, hardwood floors or plush rugs in neutral tones, large glass windows, aluminum on the balcony.

“There’s a lot of glass in the room; they’re very bright,” says Desautels. “They’re more fragile than some of the other items you’ll find in the area.”

The apartments are in high demand: although construction was only completed in June (other apartments are currently rented out), only one is on the market. “We were the earliest sellers,” explains Desautels. Among the residents are executives, young professionals and “several snowbirds”.

Smaller Stratos apartments sell for around $140,000, while larger lake-view units go up to $400,000. Some landlords don’t live in rental buildings for about $2,500 a month.

Desautels says the house is affordable because of the location and the quality of materials used to build the house. There is also covered parking and laundry facilities. “The most convenient thing is downtown,” Desautels said.

In fact, he was so excited about Stratos that he moved there. “I downsized a 3,200 square foot country house,” says Desautels. “I love it. Love love love love really love. Why? Because it’s an easy way to live. I can walk to everything I need to do.”

an ordinary silversmith

Silversmith Commons is located on North Winooski Avenue, two bright three-story buildings – a retail unit still exists on the first floor. This is one of the current projects of Redstone Business Group in Burlington.

Silversmith was originally envisioned as an apartment building, but Redstone decided to make them market-leading rental units, with the option to convert them into apartments later.

However, the apartment looks like a modern apartment filled with light. It averages 750 square feet and features bamboo floors, gray and white walls, and new energy-efficient appliances. The building consists of two bedrooms and 20 bedrooms; Current rental units at Redstone start at $1,550.

Dark blues and grays are used in hallways and common areas, where concrete walls are sometimes visible, such as in the basement where the tenant’s washing machine and wardrobe are located. The location is another plus: popular Old North restaurants like Barrio Bakery & Cafe and Pho Hong are just steps from the front door, and Church Street is a 10-minute walk away.

Silversmith Commons has a personal meaning to Redstone partner Eric Hoekstra: He lives nearby and sees the development as a positive step for the community.

Silversmith tenants are typically professionals and/or professionals and recent graduates. “The people who live here will strengthen the retail market,” says Hoekstra. “They have a little income, which they can spend on bakeries and shops.

“That’s why there’s so much popularity in 30 years,” he said. “What’s missing is a standard rental unit. What makes a healthy community is income diversity.”