Sumner Redstone is suing his ex-girlfriend to prevent her from inheriting a penthouse in New York

The 93-year-old former president of Viacom – his ex-girlfriend at the time of his death – sued to prevent her from entering the penthouse at the Carlyle Hotel.

Redstone bought the apartment last year for $3.7 million and mortgaged it to ex-girlfriend Manuela Herzer after his death. But she doesn’t want him to own it anymore and is suing in Manhattan Supreme Court to make sure she has no rights to the property after his death, the New York Post reported.

Herzer declined to “specify his claim for the penthouse,” according to the lawsuit. His attorney, Ronald Richards, said the lawsuit was “another frivolous lawsuit.” He says that Redstone, not Redstone, is behind it, but his daughter, Sally. Herzer signed the contract last year and Redstone bought the apartment with his own money.

“This gift, like Sumner Redstone’s previous millions of dollars, was given to two doctors and approved by two attorneys and, most importantly, Mr. Redstone,” Richards told the Post.

Last month, Redstone filed a lawsuit against Herzer and another ex-girlfriend, Sydney Holland, in a California court, alleging that she was abused by her parents and forced to borrow $100 million to make the settlement. Responsible for gift insurance. a woman.

In 2014,  the tycoon and his daughter paid $10 million for a four-bedroom apartment in Pierre