A green kitchen is the icing on the cake appearing on Redstone Way

Young families need space to grow. That’s why Cesar Viloria-Petit and Massiel Escorcia-Caballero decided to move out of their apartment in Panorama Hills.

The couple, with two children, ages 1 and 11, knew that a 900-square-foot two-bedroom rental was no longer appropriate.

“At first we thought we were going to move to another rental property, then we decided to explore ownership options,” says Viloria-Petit. The combination of space, number of bedrooms and affordability allowed them to choose this option over Riving on Redstone Way.

Partners Development Group plans to build 92 townhouses in Redstone, northeast of Calgary.

The townhouse has two floors, and the fourth floor plan has three bedrooms or two master bedrooms. They range in size from 1,179 to 1,294 square feet, not including the basement, which is about 500 square feet.

Prices start at $260,000 including GST.

Those looking to upgrade can explore these two model homes.

Viloria-Petit and Escorcia-Caballero have purchased a planned 1,179-square-foot Chili townhouse development. There are two bedrooms on the second floor, but the couple decided to convert the basement for the extra bedroom they wanted.

“There is also a nice sculpture room in the basement,” says Viloria-Petit, a classical guitar-trained music teacher and musician. “For me, just opening a music room is enough. I try to open a small recording studio at home, where I practice, sometimes with a church band, and record.”

The chile’s second floor has two bedrooms, each measuring about 12 x 11 feet, with walk-in closets and private bathrooms.

In general, it is clear – as the family wants. The highlight is the L-shaped kitchen behind.

“It was important to us to have a nice outdoor area where we can prepare everything we cook in one convenient location,” says Viloria-Petit. “So we looked for an opener and opened it up.”

“It’s a beautiful island,” he added. – We like it too.

This Venezuelan couple loves to cook at home. The family’s menu includes many dishes such as pabellon rice, beans and minced meat from Venezuela; bags of corn called arepas; Hallacas, cornmeal stuffed with dumplings; Quesillo dessert, caramel cake.

In addition to the function of the kitchen, small things add value to the room.

“There is a large window behind the sink, which is great for cooking,” says Viloria-Petit. “I think that’s important because I don’t like to wash dishes and face the wall. I like having windows to look out.”

Like all partner town developments, Arrouh at Redstone Way has been designed to earn Gold Level certification from Bult Green Canada.

Homes can receive third-party energy efficiency certifications through this state-owned industry-based program based on materials and construction methods.

By using less energy than conventional homes, green buildings are designed to help homeowners save on monthly utility bills.

“We’re thinking about it,” says Viloria-Petit. “Where it can be stored is very important.”

The exterior on Redstone Way features a contemporary architectural exterior design with James Hardie fiber cement panels and triple glazed windows.

All in all, “our specs are above that,” said Ismahan Omer, sales manager at Partners Development Group. 

“What we do is give people great value at a really good price,” he said.

Mitra opened pre-sale at Reach at Sage Meadows in Calgary’s northwest in early 2018 and will begin operations at Crestmont West in the city’s southwestern suburbs later this year.

Viloria-Petit said Redstone, one of Calgary’s fastest-growing neighborhoods according to last year’s latest city census, caters to couples, citing parks and easy access to the main arteries of the city.

We find it very convenient,” he said. “Very close to the airport as well as Stoney Trail and Deerfoot Trail.”

The Redstone Rotary/Mattamy Greenway includes 2.4 miles of walking and biking paths. When completed, Greenway will surround the city 138 km and connect 55 administrative districts, becoming the largest urban system in the world.

Redstone residents can also enjoy the formal outdoors with participating park (outdoor sports) facilities at the three parks.

The community has a total of 13 parks and green spaces, led by Central Red Rock Park, home to a basketball court, the aforementioned Participark facility and a large playground.

At the end of 2018, Redstone will open a new park that includes a large play system with several slides, telescope balconies and large swings.