In George Santos’s Messy Web.

Alleged pyramid schemes, get-rich-quick workshops, AOC competitors and mysterious Florida corporate networks.

Congressman George identifies Santos’ “family business” with $80 million in assets, originally listed as a gynecology clinic in an office park in Florida. 

It’s one of many curious details about Santos’ business dealings that TPM uncovered in an in-depth analysis this week. Santos, a New York Republican who will take office next month, has questioned his career history and biography through a number of reports, including an article in The Washington Post. New York Times. Local news outlets continued to focus on Santos’ sketch for several months. 

Santos and several associates were involved in a multimillion-dollar “Ponzi scheme” and a complex web of companies. Among his friends we find a businessman who claims to have the secret to making a lot of money with the click of a button, a shady executive who is accused of stealing money to pay his bills. seven-digit credit card menu and armored vehicle. QAnon motto. The sign says “The Spartans” are running against Representative Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (D-NY) in this year’s election. 

Two companies affiliated with Santos and his associates are believed to be strategic companies that profit from Republican campaigns. One person made over $110,000 from a failed challenge with Ocasio-Cortez. Others work for candidates who say they’ve never heard of the business.

It’s an intricate paper trail that reveals a network of companies run by Florida condos and gynecological clinics. At the heart of it all is what Santos calls a “family business,” which, according to financial disclosures, has earned him a decent salary in recent years, and that has also helped fund other businesses. his congressional campaign.

Some of the early reports on Santos by Mother Jones and The Daily Beast included business dealings. However, our research revealed many new details. Santos and his attorney did not respond to multiple requests for comment on the matter. 

Santos was elected in November to represent New York’s third congressional district, which includes parts of Queens and Long Island. Santos, also unsuccessfully running for the 2020 seat, is an unrepentant member of the MAGA wing of the Republican Party. During his first campaign, Santos visited the White House when President Trump took office. She also frequents the former president’s private beach club in Mar-a-Lago, Florida. Santos tried to imitate some of Trump’s business prowess. He describes himself as “an experienced Wall Street financier and investor.” This description is based in part on college degrees, academic records, and positions at Goldman Sachs and Citigroup. 

In the game, Santos’ website describes him as an “executive member” of the “family company, the Devolder Organization.” This notice has been removed from the online profile. The last name of Devolder Santos’ late mother and is sometimes referred to as “George Devolder Santos”. The campaign’s website initially claimed Santos was responsible for the $80 million “asset allocation” it managed. 

“More and more networks” 

Devolder LLC was incorporated in Florida in May 2021. Initial articles listed it as a law firm in an office complex in Melbourne, Florida. Public records show that no one other than the Santos family has official ties to the company. However, the group has several links with former colleagues at Santos’ former controversial investment firm, including a business teacher who promoted the get-rich-quick scheme online.

When entered, Devolder’s registered agent is “D&D International Investment Services, Inc.” known as (D&D), located in different buildings within the same office complex. For the record, D&D was originally founded in 2007 and led by two directors: DeVon Dames, a self-proclaimed “executive veteran” with two passports, and Odette Daly, a gynecologist with many conflicting opinions. Some records show the couple ran the business from home before moving their “headquarters” to the office complex in 2010. D&D’s headquarters in the park are located at the same address as the clinic. Daly’s gynecology, now closed. . 

Even after Daly stepped down as company director in February 2020, D&D continued to work at Daly’s medical clinic. Daley, who continues to be identified as the company’s assistant manager for the 2021 and 2022 annual reports, did not respond to messages left at his office. In the 2022 annual report, D&D’s “primary place of business” is identified as the address of the PO Box tenant. 

Many other companies are affiliated with Dames. In addition to D&D, Dames is listed as an employee or registered agent of 18 different companies in Florida, including BAHAMAS TRADERS CORP., IMPOR EXPORT LOGISTICS GROUP LLC and DAVAUGHN DAMES INTERNATIONAL LLC, records show. Many Dames branches use the Daly Gynecology Clinic address; Occasionally, however, the app that appeared in Devolder’s organizational records, including the street address of the legitimate corporate building, was slightly different. Dames did not respond to several requests for comment. 

Dames is a social media celebrity who posts various business ventures and discusses wealth-building strategies. They also offer a “mentorship program” for budding entrepreneurs through what they call “A growing relationship”. Dames starred in a Facebook video for the show, titled “Buy a Business With Someone Else’s Money,” which featured some typos and grammar errors.

“You can buy a company without money, but when you come to the negotiating table, you need someone with money,” Dames said. 

Dames also called the forex space “another arena for people who want to keep their cash on hand” and said he is offering a “30-day training program” for those looking to make money in the forex market. . Dames says it can be very rewarding without much effort.

“You can go sideways, you can swing sideways, that’s okay,” Dames said. “I could go to the computer, press a few buttons, and make $4,000 to $20,000 a month in that field.” 

Santos also seems to know something about wealth creation. In a mandatory disclosure for his 2020 term, Santos said he was paid $55,000 and received a $5,000 bonus that year to financial advisor Linkbridge Investors. Santos did not identify any other assets in this disclosure. Santos said that through 2022, he was paid $750,000 that year and last year, and received between $1 million and $5 million in dividends from the “Devolder Organization.” His sudden wealth led Santos to borrow over half a million dollars from his campaign committee during his congressional campaign.

“Classic MLM”

Devolder’s organization is not Santos’ connection to Dames. Before founding Devolder, both worked at an asset management firm that was embroiled in legal battles and accused of embezzling millions of dollars from investors.

In July 2020, Santos was hired as a regional director of an investment firm in Harbor City, Florida. On his Linkedin page, Dames said he was Harbor City’s chief financial officer from July 2019 to May 2021.

Harbor City was founded by founder and CEO Jonathan Maroney in “classic Ponzi scheme fad,” according to SEC filings filed in a Florida court a month before Dame left. In its filing, the SEC accused Maroney of embezzling more than $6 million in investor funds. Other Harbor City employees are not named in the complaint. Maloney, who did not respond to requests for comment, allegedly used part of the more than $17 million raised by the company to “enrich himself and his family,” including buying a ” beach house”, a Mercedes and credit card debt payments. . Although the case is still pending, 

Earlier this year, Santos told The Daily Beast he would be leaving Port City in March 2021, a month before the charges. In comments on the website, Santos said he was unaware of any wrongdoing by the company, adding: “I’m just as confused as everyone else.” 

Despite leaving Harbor City, Santos still has a relationship with Dames. In a document highlighted by TPM’s Josh Marshall on Tuesday, Santos filed for reinstatement of the Devolder Organization, which Ms. Jones noted was revived after the company was liquidated for failing to file annual reports. . The document also lacks references to the addresses of D&D and the various office complexes. In it, Santos identified himself as the company’s registered agent and stated that the Devolder organization’s “primary place of business” was a three-bedroom apartment in Merritt Island, Florida. Santos also listed the address of the apartment Marshall said was about 1,100 miles away in New York, creating “tension”. Owner cannot be contacted. 

political strategy company

The restored document does not include the Dames of the Devolder organization; However, the company remains affiliated with Dames. Devolder’s new address links him and Santos to several Republican campaigns. 

Records show that the Devolder Foundation is not the only company based in Merritt Island condominiums. There are two other companies operating at the address: Jayson Benoit & Associates Inc. and Redstone Strategies LLC. All of these companies are connected in ways that go beyond the apartment address. 

Jason Benoit & Associates Inc. Redstone Strategies is the company’s registered agent and Devolder Organization LLC is a member of the company, although company records show it is located in Queens. According to Mother Jones, Jason Benoit is the former chief technology officer of Harbor City. Jason Benoit & Associates Inc. was first linked to the apartment address in the company’s April 2022 annual report. Founded in 2020, the company was previously based in Devolder’s first office and Dames is a registered agent. 

Two companies affiliated with Benoit are funded by Republican campaigns in New York. 

From June 2021 to December 2021, RED STRATEGIES USA, LLC, incorporated in Florida the same year, Tina Forte, Rep. Alexandria Ocasio – Right-wing activists led by Cortez suffered a crushing defeat last month (D-NY). 

Like Santos, Ford is a proud MAGA Republican. It is known that Santos and Ford also participated in a protest against the resignation of former President Trump on January 6, 2021 in Washington. Dames is the chief campaign finance officer for Forte in Office Park, Florida. Federal Election Commission. Forte did not respond to a request for comment for this story. 

Along with Benoit, the filings show that the company has control of Dames, D&D, Devolder Organization and another company, PAUL NICOLINI AND ASSOCIATES INC, Red Strategy. Paul Nicolini is the Regional Manager of Harbor City. His company is based in an office space and is a registered agent of D&D. Niccolini hung up the phone on Thursday night after hearing a call from a reporter.

“I don’t care. Thanks,” Nicolini said.

Redstone Strategies LLC, a company affiliated with Benoit and Devolder’s organization, also paid for the event. On April 30 of that year, Redstone received $1,160 from the campaign of Robert Cornicelli, the first US Republican, who defeated Santos (Santos) in a special election in the next district. according to.

Reached by phone on Thursday, Cornicelli said he was unaware of Redstone and Benoit’s strategy. Cornicelli is clearly upset to contact Santos. Cornicelli said he will address the issue with the campaign treasurer.