Greenbuild special reportage: About the country’s first CLT hotel

Lendlease’s Jeff Morrow spoke to MHN about CLT’s potential to change the way multifamily communities are developed.

Real estate innovations showcased at the Greenbuild 2016 conference in Los Angeles. One of the main exhibitors of the show is the multinational real estate and infrastructure  Lendlease, which recently built the first hotel in the US using laminated timber (CLT). As part of the company’s 50-year privatization contract with the US military to manage hotels and motels with a total of 12,000 hotel rooms around the country, Lendlease began using CLT to build and renovate several properties and realize that it is possible to build and renovate several properties. assets faster and more efficiently. Get the job done quickly and few people will use this material for development. But the benefits don’t stop there, Lendlease project manager Geoff Morrow told  CPE.

“We think hardwood as a carbon-absorbing renewable resource that is faster and safer than we have done in the past is a great way for us and the Army to develop new technologies,” said Morgan. program in the future”.

Although this wooden construction technique originated in Austria and Germany in the 1990s, it is relatively new to the United States. In spring 2016, Lendlease completed four CLT projects worldwide, including the four-story Candlewood Suites at the former Redstone Arsenal barracks in Huntsville, Alabama. The hotel structure has 92 rooms, was built in December 2015 and opened in March 2016. Lendlease hopes that the use of CLT construction will become a more common practice in the United States and believes that This material will be useful for multi-family projects.

“We find (CLT) works well in multifamily spaces, especially in dense urban environments where density needs to be increased due to real estate costs,” Morrow said. “You have the ability to increase density and use wood as a building and aesthetic material.”

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