The author of Impromptu gives an insight into the chaos of the Redstone empire

What began as an investigation into the mismanagement of several New York Times reporters has turned into a family drama.

That’s when Viacom founder Sumner Redstone and CBS CEO Leslie Moonves, James B. The efforts of Stewart and Rachel Abrams are first featured in a new book, Unwritten Characters: Epic Battles of the media empires and the legacy of the Redstone family. It just got bigger for Stewart.

He said on the new Follow the Variety show : “We invited Shari Redstone, daughter of Sumner Redstone, who was humiliated – at least to take control of the company and the family fortune.” 

As Abrams and Stewart say in their book, Sally Redstone struggled to develop a working relationship with the executives of Viacom and CBS, she also struggled with her own father, who had a complicated relationship. mess with her father, and the women trying to control his company. .

An uncredited author sheds light on the final years of Redstone, who passed away in 2020 aged 97. Sources from CBS and Viacom boards, as well as people familiar with what takes place in the lobby of the Redstone mansion in Los Angeles, painting a picture of dysfunction and unrecorded greed.

The book also explores Moonves’ downfall, which was eventually revealed by a series of sexual abuse allegations. Abrams does not rule out a return, despite his reputation being damaged and Moonves retiring from the fall of 2018.

“I have to imagine a world where time, distance, gratitude come together and maybe someone owes them something – I can imagine a world where everyone comes together, someone willingly ready to give them another chance,” he said. . “I don’t know if that’s possible. But it’s produced a lot of great people.”

It’s “hard work”. 

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