Come to Redstone Way that brings modern design to the northeast town

Reach townhomes have built a solid reputation for quality, convenience and affordability in communities such as SkyView Ranch, Redstone, Evanston, Bowness and Okotoks. With the recently launched Tecan development on Redstone Way, the Partners Development Group promises to deliver the same level of excellence with a number of innovative innovations.

“The driving force behind our Redstone Way product is to listen to the needs of the people of Calgarians,” said Sales Manager Ismahan Omer. “A lot of people come to us and say they like our product, but they want a two-story townhouse with a basement,” he said.

In response to this feedback, all townhouses in the new Redstone Way community will have two floors, instead of the three main floors like other Reach homes. They also added basements to each townhouse, creating the potential for about 500 square feet of extra living space.

Thanks to its modern design, Arrouh Redstone Way promises to attract many buyers and create a lively atmosphere for the neighborhood. The two-story floor plan eliminates the need to constantly climb stairs to get in and out, which can be a concern for older homebuyers and those with young children.

“My favorite term for this product is ‘right-size-fits-all,'” says Omer. “It’s ideal for those upgrading from a condo or downsizing from a single-family home. It fits the lifestyles and needs of many people today.”

Like the other Rawuh townhouses, this Redstone Way home will be Green Building certified to promote sustainability and reduce utility costs. Homeowners will also enjoy a wide selection of modern furniture, professionally designed interior color palette, laminate flooring, stainless steel Jacuzzi kitchen equipment and free cable TV, internet and telephone. in the first 12 months.

Like the other Arrival properties, the Redstone Way home has architectural excellence. Homeowners can expect a fireproof exterior with modern colors including James Hardie fiber cement panels and metal siding, black metal-paneled three-pane windows. All units include surface parking.

Traveling through Redstone Way allows residents to enjoy the convenience and feel of the larger Redstone community in Northeast Calgary. With parks and trails, the area is ideal for families who want easy access to the Stony, Metis, and Deerfoot trails.

“We also have the privilege of being near many great facilities like winter light rail and Redstone Markets,” says Omer.

Pre-sale to join Redstone Way is expected to begin the day after the rollout center is completed. Sign up online to receive an invitation to start your personal sale. Offers include a 1,177-square-foot two-bedroom townhouse and a 1,295-square-foot three-bedroom townhouse, both with additional basements for homeowners to expand on. Prices start at $259,900 net GST for a two bedroom home, making Redstone Way very affordable to come by.

“Buyers want exceptional quality, durability and affordable prices in the roofs that our partners have built a reputation for,” says Omer. – Every homeowner makes money.